File your LLC tax returns easily and quickly !

Easily file your U.S. LLC tax returns

Our tax preparers complete and file your U.S. LLC tax returns to the IRS for your non-ETBUS LLC. 

Trust our U.S. tax preparers for non-resident members in the U.S.

E-commerce, infopreneur, freelance, consultant, designer, Amazon FBA, Dropshipper, real estate :

How to do it?

Digitally and securely

Within your dedicated dashboard online, you will be able to enter your company's information in total confidentiality.

  • Complete and file the U.S. tax returns for your U.S. LLC.
  • Support in completing the tax returns in your country of residence.
  • Full compliance with IRS legal and tax requirements.
A quick and affordable tax returns
Our tax preparers quickly complete the preparation and filing of US tax returns.
Made with the highest quality of our specialists
After studying the information entrusted to us, our services carry out with the greatest care the tax returns of your LLC USA.
Customer client
Customer support is available all year to answer any questions you may have regarding the declaration of your LLC USA.
A dedicated business manager
All our clients have a dedicated account manager, who is the referent and the useful contact to establish a tax follow-up of your American LLC.
Why our services and why choose us?

What are our services?

We are a team of tax preparers specializing in tax returns for U.S. LLCs owned by non-resident members. We do the following for you:

  • The preparation of your tax forms: forms 1120, 5472, 1040 NR, 1065, 8804, 8805, 8813, and 1065 K-1.
  • The drafting of the support letter and all the useful annexes.
  • Determination of the ETBUS / Non-ETBUS character of your company.
  • Support in completing the tax returns in your country of residence.
  • Customer support all year long to answer your questions in less than 48 hours.